International TMJ Tumors register

Primary malignant tumours of the TMJ present rarely. Due to this, there is very limited information available regarding their symptoms and treatment.

The aim of this Register is to accumulate information regarding the most common primary malignant TMJ tumours, their symptoms, treatment and its effectivity.

Membership of the Register is free-of-charge, with the intended benefit being for us all to share and gain information.

The results of the register may only be published with the explicit permission of the registers Editor (Dr.Vladimir Machon,

Personal identifiable information about the patients should NOT be included in the register (only known by the person who inputs the data). The information input about the patient should only include their gender, age, the location of the patient (country), and information about their disease.

By inputting your patients’ data on this register, you are agreeing to sharing that information with all other members of the Register.